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BWC Members Receive a 15% Discount on the A.R.T. Workbook

The A.R.T. - "Accident Ready Trainer" workbook is designed to be your personal coach during the aftermath of a car accident. Often a driver is disorientated, forgetful or angry. He/she is in emotional disarray and possibly responding to a medical condition caused by the stress of the car accident. Frequently drivers - particularly new drivers, young drivers and elderly drivers - become frightened, overwhelmed and develop "brain freeze" at the accident site. If alcohol, drugs or road rage are causes of the car accident, those involved may not be thinking clearly enough to gather the pertinent information that will be needed at a later date. The driver of the car may easily be intimidated and do or say something without knowing that it will leave them, their family and the owner of the car open to a legal suit. By having A.R.T. available, the driver can follow step by step directions noted in this workbook and avoid these pitfalls. He/she can enter information gathered at the accident site directly into the A.R.T. workbook. It is crucial to gather proper information "at the accident site" as reference for future litigation or claims resulting from the car accident.

BWC members can use the code "betterworld" to receive a 15% discount on the A.R.T. Workbook. Please note that the discount will only be honored through December 31st, 2007.