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ONNO? Oh, Yes

BWC Members Receive a 15% Discount On ONNO's Environmentally Friendly T-Shirts

A socially responsible t-shirt? Well… that’s the idea. ONNO Textiles shirts are made with sustainable fibers: bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. Their shirts are produced in work places that they feel good about, and they buy carbon offsets to balance the harm they do by transporting their shirts from here to there.

Bamboo shirts are not only soft and silky, but much more sustainable than non-organic cotton. ONNO’s hemp shirts are also soft and durable. All ONNO shirts are made from environmentally friendly fabrics. You can read more by clicking here: ONNO organic t-shirts.

Better World members can receive a 15% discount for all ONNO products by registering here: www.onnotextiles.com/register. Enter “betterworld” in the “wholesale code” box at the top of this page. [Note: you will not see your 15% discount until the final stages of the check out process.]