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The Safe Teen Driving Club

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We're pleased to announce a new partnership this month with the Safe Teen Driving Club, headquartered in Atlanta.

The Club's mission is to address the number one cause of death and injury for teenagers -- driving crashes. Many don't know that drugs, guns, alcohol, suicide, homicide and all other causes pale in comparison to driving crashes, with about 44 percent of teen deaths taking place on the highways. Due to lack of experience, certain risky driving behaviors and driver distractions, many of these crashes are caused by teens. Unfortunately, parents often do not know enough about the actual risk factors that lead to crashes, nor are they familiar with services that are proven to reduce the likelihood of a crash.

In addition to marketing Better World Club's roadside plans, Safe Teen Driving Club delivers educational content specific to parenting teen drivers. It also provides an array of proven solutions for helping parents in the parenting process. Among these are GPS monitors, video cam-DVR units and even special bumper stickers with a toll free number that other motorists can use to report risky driving to parents.

You might ask, "Is this something I should learn more about?" According to the Safe Teen Driving Club's experts, the riskiest period for young drivers is when they begin driving solo, without parents or other adults supervising. So the best time to consider GPS or other monitoring services is when your son or daughter is beginning to drive with a Learner's Permit. During that six month period parents can establish a routine for reviewing driving performance with their teens, which easily carries over once they begin driving alone. If you have teens just beginning to drive, exploring the Club's web site or calling their toll free lines will be well worth your time.

Safe Teen Driving Club has built a special web page for Better World Club members at www.SafeTeenDrivingClub.org/BWC. Even better, we have been able to arrange special discounts for all our members. If you're a parent with a teen, take a moment to visit and learn how you can use the Club's services -- all aimed at helping you keep your teen safe, secure and protected when they're out on the road away from you.

Check out the Safe Teen Driving Club website to learn more about the club and to take advantage of BWC member discounts on STDC products and services!