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It's That Time of Year Again!

Better World Staffers All Get a 20% Raise!

Uh, Nice Try, Erik

Actually, It's Time to Announce Better World Club's Carbon Offset Contributions

Nearly 2,000 offsets makes BWC One of Larger Offset Buyers In U.S.

Drive Neutral, Portland Schools Receive Funds

As carbon offsetting becomes more popular, there has also been a (inevitable?) backlash against offsets. Some argue that global warming doesn't exist (see next door's Washington Watch) while others see the offsets as assuaging guilt rather than greenhouse gas.

Better World Club believes that even if you don't believe in global warming, greenhouse gas is still air pollution. Is greenhouse gas good for you? And carbon offsets are a necessary form of remediation--just like medicine when we get sick.

This year, Better World Club is donating $8,000 to Carbon Offset partner Drive Neutral and another $2,000+ to the Portland schools as part of its TravelCool! program which helps offset the greenhouse gas generated by the air/auto travel of Better World members. BWC has also provided funding to the Social Ventures Network carbon offset program and the Carbon Neutral Network.

A carbon offset study reviewed the industry last year and disclosed that even the more well known offsetters are only selling about 10,000 offsets annually. While the number is surely increasing, Better World Club's nearly 2,000 offsets make it one of the largest US buyers.

Better World Club donates 1% of revenue to environmental clean up and advocacy. This commitment includes offsetting the first 2,000 miles of driving of each Better World Club insurance customer.

Drive Neutral will purchase over 1,000 offsets with the donation. Drive Neutral obtains its offsets through the Chicago Climate Exchange. Most reductions are achieved through increased energy efficiency in member companies’ operations, including methane destruction at farms and landfills, reforestation and forest conservation projects, low carbon farm tilling and displacing high carbon energy in the grid with clean, renewable energy.

The donations to the Portland (OR) schools will continue our past support for an innovative project: a control system that uses CO2 sensors to reduce energy (i.e. by turning down the heat) when a communal room such as a gym or auditorium is unoccupied.

Better World Club can't fight this form of air pollution alone. We now make it easy to offset your greenhouse gas emissions from flying or driving for the year (for auto insurance customers, the remainder of your auto emissions). Just follow the simple instructions below:

1.) Precisely determine the carbon footprint of your air travel.

2.) Easily and precisely offset the greenhouse gas emissions of your automobile (or to offset the emissions beyond the first 2,000 miles of driving if you are a Better World Club insurance client.)