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Owners of Electric Vehicles Now Eligible for Discount on New Membership!

EV Owners Join Other Deadbeats Taking Advantage of Better World Club’s 15% Discount for Alternative Vehicles

For several years now, Better World Club has doled out discounts to Hybrid owners and biodiesel users, while simultaneously surcharging owners of the worst gas-guzzlers an additional 20%. We are the only auto club that bases its pricing on fuel efficiency.

We’ve decided to expand our discount program to include electric vehicles, as well. EV drivers have enjoyed sneaking up on pedestrians with their insanely quiet cars for years. Now they also get the benefit of a few extra bucks in their pockets when they join Better World Club.

Click here to learn more about the discount and the gas-guzzler surcharge.

Own an electric vehicle, hybrid, or use biodiesel? Click here to join Better World Club and take advantage of the 15% discount!

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