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You Had Us at ""Set Public Hearings on California E

A Love Letter to EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson

Dear Administrator Jackson,

Being with you is literally like a breath of fresh air. We spent far too long (2005-2008) in an unhealthy relationship with former EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. Stephen consistently didn't meet our needs (like protecting the environment), and he never listened. Public comments, lawsuits from state DAs, orders from the US Supreme Court, and even objections from his own scientists were routinely ignored.

In particular, Stephen was too self-absorbed to address our need for a waiver so California and 13 other states could set their own auto emissions standards. Was a tiny little waiver too much to ask for?

Lisa, that's one of the reasons why we're so excited to be with you now. We've only been together a short time, but you've already shown what an active listener you are (unlike Stephen L. Johnson, who would bore us to tears talking about the "good old days" in the chemical and animal testing industries). Why, just a few days ago, you announced both a public hearing and public comment period for the auto emissions waiver.

So, how about a date? We're sure your ethics rules stop us from buying you dinner, but we'll drive. (It's a hybrid.)


Better World Club

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