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In last month's KA, we alleged that "Ron Paul doesn't have a single thing on energy, global warming, or the environment on his website. Please feel free to go to www.ronpaul2008.com and let us know if we've missed something."

KA reader Eric Morley did exactly that. Ron Paul does address environmental issues here:


Paul believes that property rights should be used to enable owners to sue polluters more readily. Once this was part of conservative orthodoxy (we don't need regulations; instead we let the aggrieved sue.) even during the Reagan Administration. But corporations have had to pay out so much money (mostly legitimately, but sometimes with lawyers acting as stick-up men), that conservatives have now started attacking tort lawsuits as well. The Wall Street Journal represents this position most avidly. Paul is apparently libertarian enough to hold this position, but it's becoming more and more rare on the right. (And, if you don't want regulations or lawsuits, just how do you deal with environmental and other harm?)

Our thanks to Eric for finding and getting this to us. And you thought 'Kicking Asphalt' was perfect...