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Website Redesign Provides Opportunity for Member Input

Lazy Staff Can't Come Up with Ideas On Their Own

Brother, Can You Spare A Graphic?

Better World Club is revamping our website. Since the first vamp is wearing out, we are redesigning our site with three goals in mind:

First, there is much more information on our site then members realize: where else can you find each state's Department of Motor Vehicles Internet sites (where you can often register your car online), as well as discount programs, Important consumer tips regarding car maintenance and insurance), the Calls to Action of every leading national environmental and consumer group and much more. This needs to be apparent--and readily navigable--on our home page.

Second, member response to Kicking Asphalt has been tremendous. We want to get that same look and feel onto our website.

Third, our site graphics can use improvement. The current plan is to convert from drawings to photography--hopefully some clever photography (see Goal Two above).

Here's where you come in. We here at Better World Club are not afraid to ask our members for advice and consent. We find our members to be wiser, more grounded and, yes, cheaper than web consultants.

So, we are opening the floor to suggestions, complaints, invectives and heckling. Do you have ideas about accessibility, color schemes, navigation, or language? Is there something you want to see less of? Is there something you want to see more of? Do you want tastefully-done nude photos of the staff? If so, you've never met the staff--or have absolutely no street cred to be giving us suggestions.

BWC is open to whatever suggestions you have to make our website an easier place to get around in as well as creating a website that you'll find useful to return to again and again and again. (OK, maybe just again and again.)

So e-mail us with your suggestions at club@betterworldclub.com