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  Frustrated with Your Socially-Irresponsible Business? Do what AAA Employees Do: Join BWC

When AAA sends out its next round of expiration notices, at least one will be addressed to a member of its own staff. This staff member has joined Better World Club. We understand. Just think what life would be like, working at AAA:

  • At the water cooler: "Hey Jim, why the long face?" "Oh, Bob, what's the point of opposing bike paths? I drove the Hummer in this morning and didn't run one cyclist off the road." "Oh, brighten up, Mr. Negative. You've still got the ride home."

  • After work: "Johnson, do you want your Scotch neat?: "Nah, I'll take the ice. If we keep opposing auto emissions standards, soon there won't be any ice left." They give each other a look--and then explode with laughter.

  • At the staff meeting: "Hey, don't Bogart that bong!" (Oh, wait, that was an Enron staff meeting.)