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  AAA Club South Won't Treat Partners as Spouses

Better World Club Treats Partners as Spouses, But Asks the Bigger Question:
Do You Treat Your Spouses as Partners?

Tom Payton of Athens, GA has been a member of the AAA auto club since 1994. After he and his partner, Art Ordoqui, held their wedding in August at the University of Georgia, Payton wanted to include Ordoqui on as an associate member on his AAA membership.

Well, Georgia state law doesn't recognize this marriage, so why should AAA?

"Only spouses or dependent children up to the age of 21 (if in college to age 25) meet our criteria for associate membership," AAA Club South wrote to Payton in a letter dated October 7th. "This policy has been reviewed on several occasions over the years and we have determined that these are the appropriate guidelines for our membership discounts..."

AAA went on to say that they would be happy to enroll Ordoqui as a Primary Member for full price.

Apparently, this happy couple didn't know that Better World Club is less expensive than AAA South where members are charged $60.00 for a primary and $30.00 for an associate membership.

AAA added that they "are in no position to bypass state law".

Gee, we at Better World Club do it all the time...OK, not really. We're more law makers than law breakers. (As opposed to a number of members of the U.S. House of Representatives who apprently get to be both.) It doesn't violate a law for a membership organization to respect same-sex unions. It just requires the right membership policies.

With the administrative issues of which partner gets a discount and which doesn't behind us, Better World Club can focus on the larger issues. We treat your Partner as a Spouse, but do you treat your Spouses as Partners? How about you Norman Freedman of Watertown, CA? That's right, Norman, we're talking to you. Treat Shelia as a partner, she deserves it. (No need to thank us. It's what we're here for.)