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Forget Alternative Fuels, AAA Wants to Subsidize Oil Companies

While They're At It, Why Not Subsidize Bill Gates, the New York Yankees, and Internet Porn?

AAA has a long tradition of maligning restrictions on--and alternatives to--the automobile: including Mass Transit, Bicycle Paths, and the Clean Air Act. Now the Auto Club of Southern California has officially come out in opposition to California's Proposition 87.

Added to the ballot by a signature petitions, the goal of Proposition 87 is to reduce petroleum consumption by 25%, and increase research & development of alternative energy sources and technologies. It raises the R & D funding.by bringing California's royalties on oil drilling into line with that of other oil-producing states like Alaska and Texas. In other words, it is a proposition that a free-marketer should love: it takes a modest step toward market priced royalties.

The proposition, which requires any additional costs "not be passed on to consumers through higher prices for oil, gasoline, or diesel fuel" has been denounced by Thomas McKernan, President and CEO of the Automobile Club of Southern California:

"Gasoline prices in California are high enough already.Proposition 87 would just add insult to injury. This $4 billion oil tax would result in even higher gas prices at the pump. We recommend drivers vote: NO on 87."

Did AAA check with its members before it took this latest position? Well, a recent survey shows that Proposition 87 is leading 52 percent to 31 percent. Guess they forgot. Hmmm...when was the last time they measured their members policy opinions? Like maybe...NEVER. Perhaps they believe in ESP. We'll see how effective that strategy is in November...

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