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From Time to Time Kicking Asphalt publishes statements from our members:

Assistance Sought for Environmental School

Hey, We Didn't Go to Some Fancy Environmental School and We Turned Out Alright!

But Don't Ask Our Parents

Hello Better World staff,

I work as an educator in NJ at the Education Information Resource Center www.eirc.org and at Woodbury Public Schools, a NASA Explorer School. Several years ago, Woodbury entered into the Tour de Sol (an event co-sponsored by Better World Club) with an electric vehicle. This year we would like to obtain a diesel vehicle and make our own fuel from vegetable oil.

Does Better World support projects of this nature either with donations\sponsorship or connecting us with corporations that will assist in some way?

At the EIRC I am heading up the construction of a regional Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Center that will feature a Challenger Learning Center. The building will be constructed Green and will apply for a high level of LEED certification. The building will host a variety of renewable energy sources as well develop a Green Apple Environmental Education program that will be utilized statewide. This is an opportunityfor like minded environmental conscientious individuals to impact environmental education on a state and eventually a national level.

John Henry
Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator
Program Consultant
Educational Information and Resource Center
NASA Explorer Schools