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Question: Where are my gas rebates?

Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

We Understand that a Check Is More Valuable Than a Baby, But You Get Our Point

Wondering where your gas rebate check is? It could be buried in your junk mail pile among the credit card offers and pizza coupons. Our vendor puts its name "Assurant" rather than ours on the return address. (We know, we know, we're working on it.)

At the same time, the checks resemble the "fake checks" sent by credit card companies as a promotional ploy. Members have mistaken one for the other and thrown out their rebate checks.

The coupons take about 6 weeks to process so please be patient. You need only submit one receipt per coupon.

Please note that the coupon is only valid during the current effective dates of your membership and the date on the receipt must fall between your effective date and your expiration date. Which is how it should be, right?

This article was written for Kicking Asphalt, and may not reflect current BWC policy. For updated information on gas rebates, please see our FAQ, or "What happened to the gas rebates? ".

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1% Donated to the Environment