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Better World Club Is On The Map!

The Green Map That Is

Green Maps of NYC Available from Better World Club

Over the years, Green Map System has promoted sustainable living resources in NYC by producing the Green Apple Map. The forthcoming energy-themed citywide POWERFUL GREEN MAP of NYC will be available from Better World Club.

Better World is on this new map! The map's information also provides critical information to promote energy awareness and clean alternatives for our everyday needs - getting around, powering our homes and workplaces, eating, tossing out trash, relaxing, etc. - an amazingly useful resource that both New Yorkers and visitors will refer to for years.

These maps are supported by the NYC Environmental Fund and Greenacre Foundation which have covered the Powerful Green Map's research, design, website, outreach and some of the budget for printing in full color on 100% recycled paper. Members who live in the NYC area or who are visiting New York are invited to order to order this map.