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TRAVEL: 'Green' roadside help

The upstart Better World Travelers Club is going head-to-head with industry giant American Automobile Association, pitching its "go green" philosophy along with roadside assistance.

The Portland, Ore.-based club, which began signing up members this week, courts the environmentally conscious traveler.

"Under our Travel Cool program, we give 1 percent of club revenues to environmental organizations that seek to reduce fossil fuel usage and fight global warming," says President Mitch Rofsky. "We also sponsor a unique carbon offset program to neutralize the impact of air travel."

Members receive discounts on a range of travel services --- from tours to automobiles to electric bicycles to hybrid electric car rentals. Travelers can choose from remote wilderness retreats, world- class eco-resorts and "green" hotels (establishments that utilize energy efficient practices).

The club also provides travel and roadside assistance benefits, including emergency roadside assistance, leisure travel services and home and auto insurance.

A basic membership begins at $49.95 a year. 1.866.238.1137, www.betterworldclub.com

--- Paula Crouch Thrasher