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This Month's Special: Better World Insurance!

Kind of Sneaky, Huh?

Better World Insurance uniquely offsets the first 2,000 miles of you're cars greenhouse gas emissions when you purchase auto insurance from us.

But we can often save you money, too. An example from our files: A 19 year old (not-too-delinquent) driver. When driving an early 90's coupe, said member receives an initial quote of more than $1200 from Progressive, and less than $1000 from Better World Club Insurance. Later, the member is quoted again for an 80's Porsche, and Better World Club again comes out cheaper by the about the same amount. This quote is from Oregon, but is mirrored in the other 19 states where we sell auto insurance including Massachusetts, where we offer an 8% discount to auto club members. Fill out an online request for better insurance now and get a response in 3 business days.