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What Do the Guys Who Provide Service Think of AAA?

Bet You Don't Know.

A Better World Club member who blogs under the name "Fait" at Laze.net (here) describes a less than wonderful weekend. After the Better World Club service provider picks him up: "The ride back with the tow truck guy was actually the highlight of the day. We discussed the accident that held up traffic and killed my car--a woman in a Chevy Blazer rode up onto the grass, overcompensated, and flipped the vehicle over ... We discussed why AAA sucks for tow companies (companies make very little money from AAA tows) and why the Better World Club treats tow drivers much better..."

We're alerting you to this because you should know: AAA is disliked by service providers because they pay less than the other networks. Kicking Asphalt hasn't reported this earlier because we thought you might not find our word alone credible. The fact is, service providers aren't that busy. But many have told us, in a snow storn in New England, they pick the AAA people up last. Not first, last.

Thanks fo Fait, now you know.