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Better World Club Agrees With Karl Rove:

Hurricane Katrina Was Sierra Club's Fault

The Bush Administration has put out feelers, hoping to determine whether its failure to reenforce the New Orleans levees could be blamed on environmental groups. The Administration is also seeking evidence that environmentalists caused 9/11, the Social Secuirty deficit, and Brad to leave Jennifer. If you have evidence of any of these--and if anyone does, we would expect it to be a Kicking Asphalt reader--email this guy who keeps bothering us: krove@whitehouse.gov.

In fact, the Sierra Club did ask for an environmental impact statement when the levees were up for rennovation in 1997. They did so to assure that the dirt for the levees was not generated by destroying Louisiana wetlands. The Club was not trying to block levee reconstrucition in any way shape or form. Hear Sierra's side here

As Kicking Asphalt believes in accountability, we'll do our part: We did see Sierra Club President Carl Pope hanging out with Janet Jackson prior to the 2004 Super Bowl. You be the judge.