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Not All of AAA Bad: Northern CA Adds Environmental Info to Website

Of course, BWC Takes Credit

We skip our AAA oversight this month to observe that we have noticed a healthy change in AAA's public relations. Northern CA AAA is adding environmental information to its site.

This comes as no surprise to Better World. In fact, it has been a hope that our presence would lead to AAA to a more balanced environmental viewpoint. Readers of this page know that this is not the case in, say, the Pennsylvania AAA which is opposing greenhouse gas regulation, or Virginia AAA which cointinues to oppose bike paths. But we want to recognize progress when we see it: so keep it up Northern California AAA. (Of course, padding one's website is hardly the extent of running a socially responsible shop, so we will keep you posted on the legislative moves of NorCA AAA--and the other 80 regional offices.)