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Bush Exempts Energy Industry from Clean Air Act.
Preempts California Greenhouse Gas Reg after BWC President Spends Days to Bring to Oregon. Now we're Really Ticked!

The republican form of government has many important virtues, of course (that's republican with a small "r"). But it also has its flaws. One of them is that significant regulatory activity occurs way, way below the radar screen. How many of us are familiar with the following regulatory achievements of the Bush Administration:
  • Reduced the standard for development in national parks from one of 'unimpairment' to permitting damage that isn't 'irreversible.'
  • Reduced federal lawsuits for environmental protection by 75%
  • Reduced federal pollution fines by 60%, lowest fines in 14 years.
  • Cut federal Superfund cleanups by more than half.
  • Designated only 530,000 acres as wilderness, only 5% of that preserved by Ronald Reagan
  • Freed the Energy Industry from the Clean Water Act--allowing petrochemical runoff into waterways.
  • Allowed the import of methyul bromide, a cancer-causing pesticide, banned under an agreement signed by Reagan
  • Refused to take the planned next step to regulate lead paint, which causes brain damage
And this list is not exhaustive. Last month, Kicking Asphalt reported on the Bush's inadequate steps to increase fuel economy. It turns out that buried in that rule is a provision to "expressly preempt" California's pioneering attempt to regulate Greenhouse Gas. Better World Club has supported this regulation--and the decision of 8 states to follow California's lead. Ultimately a lawsuit will resolve the matter.)

(Insignificant News Flash: As also reported here, Better World Club's President Mitch Rofsky is working on the Oregon Governor's Task Force 5 which is developing the regulations which will bring this rule to Oregon. Bush now wants to preempt it?? If he wins, Rofsky wasted a week of his time when he could have been cleaning his office. Or seeing The Business Shrink!)