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IdealBite.com Throws a Couple of Apples at Better World

No, It's a Good Thing: Apples Are
Like Stars in Ideal Bite's Fantasy World.

Check out IdealBite.com. They'll send you a green tip each weekday. They also write with a lot of attitude (although it's possible that it isn't attitude, it's alcohol.) We at Kicking Asphalt are in no position to be judgmental. This newsletter is produced by a staff that is in a Zen dream state, blissed out by the greatest working conditions in the world! (Can I get paid now?)

Here's what Ideal Bite had to say:

Is "Sustainable Travel" an Oxymoron?

The Bite
Air and auto travel are big contributors to climate change. However, by using "carbon offsets," you can travel in good conscience.

The Benefits
Carbon offsetting is a way to neutralize the carbon emissions you emit when you drive or fly. You can buy a certain amount of "offset units" equivalent to the carbon the activity creates, and hence become "carbon neutral."
Offsetting is performed by organizations that channel funds directly to carbon-reducing projects, such as:
- installing solar panels in African villages
- Investing in wind power on Native American reservations
- Simply planting trees.
You can keep your SUV.

Personally Speaking
First, we promise that we will never recommend "biking to work." Second, we drive small cars (when we drive at all) and feel pretty good about that. However, we do fly a lot, and each flight contributes a ton (really, an actual ton) of carbon dioxide pollution on average per person.
There are travel agencies that allow you to tack the cost of these offsets (sometimes known as "green tags") onto the ticket price. But we usually use frequent flyer miles or book online, so we just buy offsets for one-way of our total trip (ex: Bozeman, MT to NYC is $14) through one of the providers below.

Wanna Try?
The Better World Club offers free carbon offsets on two domestic and (sic: should be "or") one international flight each year to members who book plane tickets through its in-house travel agency. (Nonmembers worldwide can purchase offsets -- $11 for a domestic flight and $22 for an international flight).