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We've Always Thought Of Ourselves As Rock Stars, So It Only Made Sense That We Go On Tour

Announcing BWC's Earth Day Tour 2007:
Come See Us in Chicago, Portland, Seattle

Come See Our Brochures in Washington DC, Ohio, Oregon, and Massachusetts

Our Brochures Like to Travel, So Let Us Know If You'd Like Some

Earth Day is a busy time for us here at Better World Club, and leading up to it, the office is a flurry of activity (not unlike Mel Gibson’s kitchen as he prepares for Passover).

This year, various BWC staffers will be hitting the road and running booths at Green Festival in Chicago (April 21st-22nd) and the Portland, Oregon Earth Day Celebration.
We’re also mailing out Better World Club brochures to Earth Day events in Washington DC, Enon, OH, >Eugene, OR, and Gardner, MA. Please send us an email if you would like us to send BWC brochures to an Earth Day event in your area.

Though it’s not exactly Earth Day, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our trip to Seattle for the NW Biodiesel Forum (Sunday May 6th). We encourage anyone interested in learning more about biodiesel to check it out.

After this round of touring, road-weary BWC staffers will go back to the Portland office and actually do some work for a while. The next big road trips will be Green Festival in Washington, DC (October 6th-7th), and Green Festival in San Francisco, CA (November 9th-11th).

Maybe we can share space on Willie Nelson’s biodiesel touring bus…

[*We briefly considered calling it the ‘Cher Farewell Tour’, but that one’s been used like eight or nine times already.]