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Kicking Asphalt Sent to Expired Members, Too

OK, We Don't Send Them to the Dead, So Let's Try Again

Kicking Asphalt Sent to Those Whose Membership Have Expired. (But This Isn't a Permanent Commitment).

We hope you enjoy reading Kicking Asphalt and being a Better World Club member. The two don't always go hand in hand, however. Unless you take action to unsubscribe from our newsletter, you will still receive Kicking Asphalt after your membership expires.

We are alerting you to this for a couple of reasons:

You may be using Kicking Asphalt to tell wheter your membership is in force. This won't work. If you feel you may have expired and would like to check the status of your membership, either log in, or contact us

At the same time, you may regret having to leave BWC because you will lose your monthly Kicking Asphalt. Don't worry. At the present time, you will continue to receive it.

However, there are plans to create a BWC "non-roadside assistance" membership. This membership would enable you to continue to receive Better World's car rental, hotel, and other discounts--and, yes, Kicking Asphalt, while not needing our roadside assitance. Obviously, this membership would be much less expensive than our current ones--but it could mean the end of free Kicking Asphalts. (Driving Change, our Action Alert, would continue.) More on this in upcoming months.