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America's Competitive Enterprise Institute has been meeting with businesses and leaders around Europe to drum up support for a plan to undermine Europe's support for the Kyoto treaty on climate change. CEI, with financial backing from Exxon/Mobil, has consistently backed the overthrow of environmental protections. One of their more interesting positions is pushing for the repeal of Fuel Economy standards because fuel-efficient cars have a higher fatality rate from the behemoth gas-guzzlers currently going out of vogue.

The lobbyist, Chris Horner has been talking with businesses like Ford Europe and German utility RWE, which is reminiscent of a drive in the late '90's to fight Kyoto's acceptance in the US. Unfortunately for Chris and his big-money backers, his efforts have fallen upon mostly deaf ears in Europe. Companies, including the ones mentioned above, have explicitly stated that they don't back Horner's plan to build a coalition in Europe to promote opposition to the Kyoto treaty. Chris Horner is capitalizing on the fact that many European countries are having trouble hitting Kyoto's CO2 reduction targets. But even though some European countries may be subject to fines for not hitting their 2010 targets, Chris is still having trouble finding a receptive audience.

The giant retail chain sent reporters packets of materials responding to what it claimed were factual mistakes it noticed in the film's trailer, detailing "three errors in three minutes." Wal-Mart also directed reporters to a long list of criticisms of the director's previous projects, including non-documentary made-for-TV movies.

When asked about his lobbying, Mr. Horner said, "I don't know why it's surprising (That I'm lobbying European companies). What is surprising to me is why it's not working." Besides being mystified by European companies refusal to put their global warming blinders on, Mr. Horner also sees any opposition to what he does as ridiculous. According to Mr. Horner, he is simply promoting a point of view, although it is a point that seems to be on the overwhelmingly losing side of scientific consensus. Unfortunately, this kind of lobbying has a good track record in the U.S. In the late 90's a group called the Global Climate Coalition opposed US reductions in greenhouse gas emissions rather successfully.