Better World Club would like to Welcome Austin CarShare as our newest Fleet Member. Carsharing is becoming increasingly popular in large cities where the car is one of several options for transportation. Carsharing is a great step towards cleaner air as it uses newer fuel-efficient cars. As a Fleet member the Austin Carshare member will have the assurance of having a roadside assistance company (Better World Club) with common goals.

Austin CarShare is a non-profit organization that has launched the first carsharing service in Texas. Carsharing is a service that allows members to reserve vehicles by the hour from locations throughout the community. Members reserve vehicles online or by phone and use an electronic member key to access they vehicle they reserve. There are no lines or paperwork.

Austin CarShare launched service in October 2006 with 3 cars and a pickup truck, joining over 20 North American cities with carsharing services. In addition to the cost savings of membership compared to car ownership, each carshare vehicle positively impacts the community by removing 12 cars from the road thus saving 4,000 gallons of gas and 21,000 fewer pounds of CO2 gas each year.

Article written October 2006. Read more information on BWC's Fleet Roadside Assistance.

1% Donated to the Environment
1% Donated to the Environment