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Speaking of Dumb Policies: $100 Rebate on Fuel--Even for Those Who Don't Buy Gasoline???

Proposal Stopped Before It Can Get Enacted--So Maybe There's Something To it?


In order to reduce the effect of high petroleum prices on the public, a bill was introduced to the senate this month. In fact, many truly positive items were introduced in attempts to sooth the effect of high gas prices. Among others: protections were introduced to ensure safety from price gouging, holding retailers, wholesalers, and refiners responsible when customers are taken advantage of; hybrid tax-rebate incentives were promoted for extension (see above article); and there was plenty more.

There was, however, one item that left most of the public surprised and offended. Senate Majority Leader Frist introduced a bill to send a $100 check to every American -- regardless of automobile ownership or use. The rebate was promoted as “immediate relief” by Senator Santorum [R – Pa] for the nations drivers.

This relief was not well received, it was at best considered a cheap gimmick, and at worst perceived as an attempt to buy off the public, or ‘grease the wheels’ for the upcoming November elections.