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When It Comes to Carbon Offsets, We Need You To Be More Calculating

Better World Club Provides First One-Stop Location For All Travel Needs-and the Fight to Reduce Global Warming

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint, for, as Fats Waller Said: "Your Feets Too Big!"

Better World Club was the first company in the roadside assistance, travel, and insurance industries to offer carbon offsets. Since the beginning, we've been offering our members several carbon offset options:

1.) Book a flight through Better World Travel – Members who book round-trip domestic US flights with a Better World Travel Agent will get a free carbon offset for their flight ($11 value).

2.) Book a flight through the Internet, another travel agency, or airline and send your tax-deductible donation to offset the CO2 emissions from your flight. ($11 for domestic flights or $22 for international flights.)

3.) Purchase auto insurance through Better World Insurance – offset your car’s first ton of greenhouse gas emissions free. ($11 value).

Now, Better World Club is pioneering a one stop website where a driver or flier can purchase auto insurance, roadside assistance, or flights and have the ability to calculate and offset their travel-related carbon emissions.

For the first time, travellers can go to one website, www.betterworldclub.com, and purchase auto insurance and/or emergency roadside assistance protection and offset their auto emissions for one year. Flying, not driving? They also can book any flight on any airline and offset the carbon emissions generated from that flight. The flight calculators are also new and improved-providing accurate mileage between airports, something you won't find on other sites where you can also purchase a ticket.

Today's launch of Better World Club's new carbon calculators allows visitors to accurately calculate and offset their carbon emissions from driving and flying with just a few clicks of the mouse. The carbon calculators and program, hosted by LiveNeutral, are available to anyone who visits the site. Better World Club is partnering with LiveNeutral, a non-profit organization that effectively helps individuals, organizations, and companies reduce their carbon footprint.

By using the carbon calculators, visitors and members of Better World Club know they are making a difference on global warming. LiveNeutral works exclusively with the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), which is a voluntary but legally binding system that requires its members - large companies, municipalities, universities, and others - to reduce their carbon emissions. Most retail offerers of carbon offset instruments finance projects traded on the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). DN is the only company that does this exclusively. CCX has the most legally enforceable system of accountability, and the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) annually reviews each member’s account for accuracy. In addition, every offset project must contract with a CCX approved third-party verifier who audits the projects where they take place, not just through the project’s paper trail.

''Given that we battle other auto clubs over the regulation of automobile greenhouse gasses, apparently everyone but our competition, knows that cars generate much of the pollution that contributes to global warming.'' said Mitch Rofsky, Better World Club president. ''This new feature on our website now makes it practical to reduce the environmental impact that you can't otherwise avoid when driving or flying.''

''We are excited to work with Better World Club to educate its environmentally and socially conscious members on how much carbon they produce from their travel and to help them offset those emissions so they too can make a difference on global warming,'' said Jason Smith, co-founder and executive director of LiveNeutral.

Now, BWC members will be able to use handy carbon calculators embedded in our website to quickly and easily assess their carbon emissions and offset them right away. The calculators enable you to take advantage of two new services:

Calculate your carbon emissions.1.) To more precisely determine the carbon footprint of your air travel.

2.) To more easily and precisely offset the greenhouse gas emissions of your automobile (or to offset the emissions beyond the first 2,000 miles of driving if you are a Better World Club insurance client.)