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Happy Birthday To Us!

Better World Club Turns Five Years Old!

Plans For Our Fifth Birthday Party Include Eating Cake With Our Hands, Not Letting Other Party Guests Play With Our Gifts, And A Potential Temper Tantrum After We Come Down From Our Sugar Rush

Things were pretty rough back in July of 2002. America was reeling from the events of September 11th, 2001, and the economy was still recovering from the dot.com crash. Perfect time to start up a new business, right? Probably not, but no one else in the auto club industry was addressing environmental concerns, so we bravely stepped into the breach and created the nation’s first (and still) only environmentally-conscious auto club.

Better World Club was officially born July 1, 2002 when we started selling memberships to the public. These were brave souls who didn’t mind joining a brand-new auto club that had yet to actually tow anyone.

Five years and some 20,000 members later, Better World Club is still going strong.

Just a few milestones:

· Attaining the fastest growth rate in the industry. (It took AAA over a century to reach 45 million members. At BWC’s current rate of growth, it will surpass AAA’s membership in less than half that time.)

·Achieving a renewal rate of over 80%, nearly matching AAA’s, despite AAA’s 100-year head start.

· Becoming the first travel company to offer carbon offsets as part of its commitment to donate 1% of its gross revenue to environmental clean-up and advocacy.

· Becoming the first insurance company to offer carbon offsets free to auto insurance customers which, along with the travel offsets, have led to the neutralization of nearly 20 million pounds of greenhouse gas.

· Becoming the largest provider of roadside assistance to the nation’s growing car-sharing population.

· Becoming one of a handful of companies, if not the only company, to set pricing based on the product’s environmental impact. BWC provides discounts to drivers of alternative fuel vehicles. On the flip side, a surcharge is imposed on owners of the three worst gas guzzlers based on EPA mileage ratings.

· Maintaining an average 38-minute response time to reach a member who needs assistance.

· Creating fuel reports that track the price of alternative fuels as well as gasoline, the e-newsletter Kicking Asphalt, (which journalists have called “brilliant” and “hilarious”), and its Action Alert, Driving Change. (But as KA reader, you already knew that, right?)

We would like to thank all of our wonderful members who have made this milestone possible. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.