I'll Be Home For Festivus

Ah, the holiday season. It's the time of year when people of differing ethnicities, religions, and pro-sport affiliations are all brought together in our nation's airports and on our highways, creating massive confusion and annoyance. We at Better World Club want you to have a pleasant experience during the crush of holiday travel. Sadly, this is impossible. However, we have a few suggestions to make your holiday travel more tolerable:

1) If you're flying, try to book a nonstop flight. You'll reduce the chance of weather-related delays if you don't have to land more than once. If you can't fly nonstop, try to book flights through fair-weather hubs like Atlanta, Houston, or Phoenix. And hey, in the unlikely event that you encounter weather delays in one of these airports, you'll have the opportunity to explore the sights of, um... Atlanta, Houston, or Phoenix. Okay, never mind.

2) Book an early morning flight -- early flights are statistically more "on time" than those later in the day. (This isn't hard to understand: are you more likely to get to work early or leave early? Wait...I think that proves the opposite, so just take our word for it.)

3) Try to avoid checking bags when you fly. More people are checking in luggage because of new rules regarding liquids, gels, and creams in carry-on bags (see Story above). The good news: while more luggage is being lost by baggage handlers, their dry skin and rough elbows have decreased dramatically.

4) "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." This is what you'll be muttering to yourself if you don't stop the car every once in a while to take a break. When driving, take a break every two hours or 100 miles, especially if you are traveling with children and/or pets.

5) Driving around in circles is no fun, unless you're a NASCAR driver. Assuming you aren't sponsored by Hardee's or Wonder Bread, the best way to avoid getting lost is to figure out your route in advance. Better World Club offers maps and trip routings. You can also try online mapping resources like Mapquest, Google Maps, Michelin, Green Maps, or Google Earth.

1% Donated to the Environment
1% Donated to the Environment