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‘Jihad: The Jerk at Work’

Available at Special BWC Discount

BWC Member Ned Fergusson has authored Jihad: The Jerk at Work, a guide to dealing with difficult people in the workplace. In addition to describing the worrisome state of some of our largest institutions (Enron comes in for special--and well deserved--mention), it offers a smart strategy for how to deal with oppressive managers. According to the book, two-thirds of workers dislike their jobs due to a jerky, impossibly difficult person at work. Kicking Asphalt is pretty surprised as 100% of the BWC staff loves their job, in a poll conducted by BWC management. (After which the staff was required to give management back rubs...Yecch.)

BWC management and staff both agree with Fergusson: "Until we get this right, we'll never get to where we should be as a society." The book can be valuable to you or a friend or relative who's trapped in a unhappy work situation.