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Department of Transportation Gives Travelers an Ea

Consumer Advocates Succeed in Limiting Tarmac Waits to 3 Hours

On December 21, the Department of Transportation responded to pressure from consumer advocates and ordered airlines to allow passengers on delayed flights to deplane after three hours.

Kate Hanni, founder and president of Flyersrights.org made this statement:

“This is indeed a wonderful holiday gift and a major victory for any airline passenger who has ever been subjected to an unnecessary tarmac delay and has endured endless hours without food, water or adequate toilet facilities. Flyersrights.org has fought for legislation in Congress to limit these delays, yet the bill has languished in the Senate despite bipartisan support. We applaud the Obama Administration and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood for stepping up to the plate and telling the airline industry, and Congress, that ‘enough is enough’.”

Prior efforts by groups like Flyersrights.org to limit tarmac waits have been stymied by industry resistance. New regulations apply to all domestic flights and take effect in 120 days from their announcement.

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