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Why Didn’t Kerry Promote the Apollo Project?

Political consultant Dick Morris is prodding President Bush to announce an energy conservation agenda as a key strategy to repair his imageand poll numbers. The President is considered by most to be a hopeless oil man, however. Given that Morris thinks there is huge political upside to an agenda to get us off imported oil, why didn’t John Kerry adopt such an agenda during last year’s Presidential campaign?

It would have had even a bigger payoff for Kerry. It could have been angle into the national security debate without having to confront a war president directly on the war. Besides, if you hadn’t noticed, Americans don’t like being dependent on other countries. Bush certainly made a big deal about not being dependent on the United Nations. Why didn’t Kerry do the same thing on oil?

In fact, Kerry did endorse a similar plan to help make America energy independent early in his general election campaign. What? You weren’t aware of that? Apparently you didn’t attend every one of Kerry’s news conferences--because that’s where you would have to have been to hear Kerry speak about his plan. He never mentioned it in the debates. He never built an ad around it or otherwise gave it prominence.

So why not? I asked that question to an executive with one of the nation’s environmental groups. His response comprises this month’s POLITICAL RUMOR.

According to this rumor monger, Kerry had a staff person who was responsible for winning Michigan. That person blocked Kerry from mentioning any energy policy that might offend Michigan’s auto workers. Kerry won Michigan, so this person was deemed to have done an effective job. However, Kerry lost the election.

If this is so, then it is hard to understand. The Apollo Project makes a point of protecting American jobs as well as our environment by developing the technologies of the future. Certainly, American jobs aren’t helped by the dominance of Toyota and Honda in hybrid vehicles. (Fortunately, the Japanese are kind enough to make some of their hybrids in the U.S.).

Toyota, which licenses part of its hybrid technology to Ford, has been a volume leader for the fuel-sipping vehicles, saying last week it would boost annual output of motors for hybrids to meet strong demand, mainly in North America.

Couldn’t Kerry have articulated his policy so that the autoworkers could accept this? I guess we’ll never know.

But remember, this has been a POLITICAL RUMOR. (We don’t start the rumors. We just spread them.)

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