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‘Kicking Asphalt’ Is Going Bi-Weekly!

Readers Can Now Enjoy Our Mostly-Errer-Free Newsletter Twice As Often

We at BWC (and some of our readers) have noticed that Kicking Asphalt has, over time, been slowly growing larger and more unwieldy (like Russell Crowe's ego). In order to make KA less cluttered but still provide a wide variety of content, we’ve decided to slim it down and run it more often. So, instead of one huge enewsletter once a month, we will be producing two good-sized enewsletters twice a month. We’re also opening a couple of girls’ schools in South Africa*.

The mid-month issue will focus more on auto and insurance news, and will contain the High Mileage Review, Gas-Saving Tips, BWC Member Specials, the Alternative Fuel Report, Lemon News, Recall Information, and potentially other stuff.

The end-of-the-month issue will focus more on roadside assistance news, and will contain the Member Alert, AAA Watch, Member Specials, BWC In The News, the Alternative Fuel Report, BWC Partners, Washington Watch, and possibly more.

Readers who aren't ready for a twice-monthly commitment can choose to opt out, but please note that opting out will unsubscribe you from both editions of Kicking Asphalt, as well as our action alert, Driving Change.

[*Okay, this was Oprah, not us. However, Better World Club has paid to have cleaner, more efficient boilers installed in American schools.]