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Lucky Number 79

The 79th Annual Academy Awards Turns Up Spades for the Environment

.And Maybe Just Because WE Think So

  Maybe it’s just because we’d like to think so, but the year 2006 seemed to see an encouraging increase in awareness (dumbstruck fear?) of the far-reaching environmental problems presented by global warming. And as a result – despite a supporting cast of other, not-so-stellar nominees (imagine our disappointment at showing up for Jesus Camp and not once seeing the Lord in drag) – the environment will shine at this year’s Academy Awards, even if we couldn’t find it a big enough dress to wear on the red carpet. Environmental awareness will be recognized in two major categories with a not unexpected Best Documentary Film nomination for Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, and a potential Oscar for Happy Feet in the category of Animated Feature Film.

BWC is sure of its members’ familiarity with Gore’s examination of the consequences of global warming and the steps that can be taken to curb climate-changing pollution. For those who haven’t seen An Inconvenient Truth, well, do that – and supplement your appreciation by reading the recently released print version (ref. Article?). As would be expected of an animated feature, Happy Feet touches on climate change with a tad more whimsy, attempting to draw the concern of the public via a heretofore unexplored vehicle: dancing penguins. Treatment and presentation aside, however, both films stand to achieve some shiny, gold recognition for the environmental movement. And if either should somehow lose out on an Oscar, we’ll blame our readers for not purchasing enough carbon offsets for the Academy.

That said, we’d like to thank the Academy for finally giving the environment its due. We’d also like to thank those nominees in other categories that have supported the cause in other ways: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest for its advocacy of wind-powered transportation, Superman Returns for reminding us that it’s no good to fill the ocean with alien pollutants, and The Queen, because the queen is Prince Charles’ mother and Prince Charles likes the environment (big stretch, but the list didn’t seem complete at two). And don’t forget that you can do your part by offsetting your carbon emissions at <link?>. Keep watching.