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A Member Responds to Last Month's Article on Citgo and Venezuela

As noted last month, we want to keep readers apprised of the debate over whether Citgo Oil, owned by the Venezuelan government, should be "boycotted" or "buycotted". Last month, Driving Change featured Jeff Cohen's report on visiting Venezuela. This month, we want to publish a response form one of our members:

Dear BWC,

Can't help but comment on the report from Jeff Cohen. While I find his opponent's quotes (at least the ones he chose to put on the web site) downright moronic, he himself reminds me of some Westerners of the early 1900s who, driven by romanticism and idealism, were supporting the Bolshevik revolution in Russia even after it was quite apparent what a monstrosity it turned into.

I doubt that Mr. Chavez will ever present a threat to the US on the level that Soviet Union did. But the fate of Venezuelans could be as dire as the one of Russians in the 20th century. This is the sad part. The fact that the previous government was treating its people bad (just like tsarist Russia, Batista's Cuba, etc.) doesn't mean that any tyrant, lunatic or populist will be any better. Just look at Russia, China, Cuba, N Korea, Zimbabwe. Chileans managed to part with dictatorship without "nationalization", "redistribution" or any other populist excesses. Why can't our liberals support leaders like that?


Sergei Nemirovsky
Nemirovsky Investment Club