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Park and Fly

With increasing security at airports, travelers must continually find new ways to streamline their trip through the terminal. Checking in and printing a boarding pass at home is a good start. But, what about parking?

With Airport Parking Reservations.com, you can reserve and pay for airport parking before you leave the house. BWC members can click this link and reserve parking at over 50 airports in the US and Canada.

The process is fast, and so simple that even a Hummer owner could figure it out*. Just follow these easy steps:

1) Use this link to go to Airport Parking Reservations.com
2) Select the airport of departure as well as the departure and return dates and times. Please be sure to enter the time you will arrive at the parking facility.
3) Choose a parking vendor.
4) Enter your billing address and credit card information on the secure check-out
page and click "Book Reservation".
5) Print out the receipt and take it with you to the airport. You must provide this
receipt to the parking operator. It also contains important information including directions
to the parking lot.

That’s it!

Use this link:Airport Parking Reservations.

[*DISCLAIMER: This is just a joke. We at BWC don’t necessarily think that all Hummer owners aren’t very bright. They’re just compensating for something.]

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