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PDX Magazine

January 2005

A Better World
The Green Alternative to AAA

Image of Better World Clubs home planetBy Liz (I don't drive a) Hummer (No really, we didn't make this up. We feel like the kid who cries, "A giraffe goes into a bar..." once too often, but this is real....honest.)

Your tire's flat, you ran out of gas, you just plain need a tow from the side of the road because you don't even know that's wrong with your car. Thank goodness you have AAA, right? Wrong. The well-known automotive club may appear to save the day on the surface, but they are actually contributing to further environmental damage with their behind-the-scenes policies. "AAA is a lobbyist for more roads, more pollution and more gas guzzling." Daniel Becker, director of Sierra Club's global warming and energy program, told HybridCars.com If you've made the conscious effort to go green with your Hybrid vehicle, why go backwards with a AAA membership? Join the Better World Club instead. Not only does the national company call Portland home and offer the same services as AAA (24-hour roadside assistance, travel planning, insurance), they offer a 20% discount on the annual membership fee for Hybrid drivers and donate 1% of their revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy programs. They also offer the nation's only bicycle roadside assistance program. Sign up at www.betterworldclub.com (no signup fee for AAA members making the switch).