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Probing In Sensitive Areas:

Help Keep Natural Gas Drilling Out Of Valle Vidal

Carson National Forest in New Mexico contains some of the most scenic landscapes in the state, and provides unlimited recreational activities for all types of outdoor enthusiasts. Unfortunately, it may also contain natural gas. Valle Vidal, a 100,000 acre section of the Carson National Forest, has been targeted by the El Paso Corp. for natural gas exploration. The Forest Service must now decide whether to allow it.

The threat of drilling has produced a diverse coalition committed to keeping this area pristine. Hunters, environmentalists, fishing enthusiasts, ranchers, homeowners, hikers, and politicians have joined forces to protect Valle Vidal.

Protecting Valle Vidal is not only an environmental issue - it also makes good economic sense. Outdoor recreation generates over a billion dollars a year in revenues for the state of New Mexico. And unlike drilling for natural gas, outdoor recreation is a sustainable industry.

Better World Club encourages environmentally conscious travelers to send a message to the Forest Service by visiting Valle Vidal and supporting the outdoor recreation industry in New Mexico. Visitors to the area enjoy a wide range of activities, including hiking, riding horses, hunting, fishing, and camping.