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Is "Progressive Film" Redundant?
New Club Seeks to Find Out.
Will It Carry "Love Bug III?" NO!

Do you love to watch movies but struggle to find what you want at the local megaplex or video store? Look no further than Ironweed, the new Progressive Film Club!

Ironweed is a new subscription film club that seeks to rally the progressive movement by championing independent movies by fearless filmmakers.

Subscribe now and get a special offer for Better World Club members and subscribers- your FIRST MONTH FREE (just pay $2.95 for shipping), and just $14.95 per month thereafter. To join, visit Ironweed Films

The idea is simple: sign up for the club and every month you'll get a DVD in the mail that contains an award-winning feature film, a short film, and free extras. You keep the DVD - no returns to deal with.

Ironweed's entertaining, artistic, funny, thought-provoking movies win big on the festival circuit, but often don't make it to the blockbuster-filled theaters and video stores in most parts of the country. Think of Ironweed as a film festival in a box, delivered directly to you so you can host screenings of your own. Join this great new effort to promote and share great movies!

And Don't Forget Last Month's Discount of the Green Book®: The Environmental Guide to Cars and Trucks. The code which allows you to sample the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's Guide can now be found on the Better World Club's Members Only site.