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Gas Reimbursements Only Count for the Period When You Are a Member

Hold Them Til You Are No Longer a Member And You Won't Get Them

Have you sent in one or more gas rebate coupons and received no response? Would you be impressed if we said that shows you how discrete we can be?

Probably not. Better World contracts with a vendor to manage this service. Unfortunately, the vendor doesn't seem to think that denial letters are part of its management resposnsibility.

But we at Better World believe in full disclosure, so read the following to maximize your chances of success:

If the dates on your receipts do not fall within your current membership year, then you will not hear anything from the claims office. For example: if your membership year is from 4/14/06 to 4/14/07 and you send in the April coupon with a receipt that is dated 4/13/06, they will not reimburse you. Now if you just signed up and have a start date of 3/28/06 and have a handful of gas receipts for the month, check the dates. If they fall before the 28th then you will not be able to submit them. But don't worry, the Jan-Feb-Mar coupon will still be good when 2007 rolls around.

Also, you can try to send in all four coupons at once but you are taking a chance. Sometimes paper sticks together and they may not notice multiple slips of paper. If you choose to do this you may want to include instructions.

We're not satisfied with our vendor's customer sensitivity, but we are thrilled to be able to offer $40 in gas rebates. Let's try to work together to follow the rules and keep the number of rejections to a minimum.

This article was written for Kicking Asphalt, and may not reflect current BWC policy. For updated information on gas rebates, please see our FAQ, or "What happened to the gas rebates? ".

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1% Donated to the Environment