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Does Your Rental Car Need A Tow?

Conserve Your BWC Service Calls And Contact Them First For Roadside Assistance

by Kelly Ward, BWC VP of Membership Services

As a Better World Club member we will cover you in any vehicle. We cover the individual and not the car. So if your friend insists on driving (you knew it was a mistake) and now your stranded on the side of the road thanks to her flat tire, you can give us a call.

However, if you are driving a rental car, it is the responsibility of the driver to check with the rental company for roadside assistance first. Most rental car companies have roadside assistance packages that come with a standard rental agreement. If the rental car company cannot help than feel free to contact us. We do have a $50/$100 limit on services based on your membership level. Besides, why waste one of your four service calls on us when you can call them?

This article was originally written for the October 2006 edition of Kicking Asphalt, edited in August 2008.