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The Great Escape

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Jaw-dropping natural beauty makes the Alberta Rockies the perfect getaway for outdoor enthusiasts. Located north of Jasper National Park, Rocky Mountain Escape provides visitors with loads of eco-friendly vacation options.

The folks at Rocky Mountain Escape describe their eco-lodge best: "Rocky Mountain Escape's credo is to protect our environment. We're committed to conserving this unique sub alpine ecosystem, enabling guests to enjoy an unspoiled wilderness experience. Through our efforts, and of others committed to sustainable development, our secluded valley has been designated as a Wildlands Park under the Alberta Special Places 2000 Act. Here, we accept nature on her own terms and, rather than conquer wilderness, we try to co-exist in harmony. Our trails are wilderness trails and the wildlife that inhabits or passes thru our area are truly wild. We cater to folks looking for a quiet, scenic, non-touristy spot from which to enjoy our mountain environment."