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Another Alert About Addresses: This Time, Better World Club's Address

We won't tell the bank that you moved...

But if you use online banking, we might need you to tell them we moved.

And, speaking of addresses: yes, That's Mr. Better World Club to you!

Online banking is pretty convenient. It doesn't require sifting through dozens of return envelopes, there are no stamps to remember, there's no danger of a paper cut when sealing envelopes. But, everything is not rosy in the world of digital banking.

At one time, Better World Club was located on Savier St (2235 Suite A, Portland OR, 97210 to be exact). Back then, (the Olden Days) BWC used "borrowed" wireless Internet, and starving college students to get the job done. And yep, you guessed it, one thing changed: our address.. But this isn't news to most of you, as we made sure everybody was aware when we moved last year. But apparently some people forgot to tell their bank, so, if you pay your yearly BWC dues through your bank, make sure they're using our new address, 20 NW 5th Ave, Suite 100, Portland Or, 97209.