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Better World Club Announces TravelCool! Donations

Commits to The Sierra Club's Fuel Economy Campaign

Provides Sensors that Turn Off Lights In Empty Portland School Rooms

Better World Club has announced that it is donating $7,000 to the Portland schools as part of its TravelCool! program. Better World's award-winning program has helped replace oil burning furnaces with natural gas fired heater to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This year, Better World has selected an innovative project: to help the Portland schools acquire sensors that reduce energy by turning off the lights when a room is unoccupied.

Better World has also announced a commitment to the Sierra Club's Fuel Economy Campaign: $12,000 over the next year to support its efforts. The Bush administration and the automakers have opposed any meaningful increases in Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, despite the existence of technology that will enable passenger cars and light trucks to go farther on a gallon of gas.

The time is now for automakers to increase the fuel economy of their fleets. Better World Club and the Sierra Club are both working to extend California's law to limit global warming emissions from the transportation sector to other states. This could increase fuel economy to 40 miles-per-gallon (mpg) for cars and light trucks and reduce consumer spending at the gas pump, save more oil than America currently imports from the Persian Gulf, and cut heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The stated goal of Sierra Club’s Fuel Economy Campaign is to cut CO2 pollution and curb global warming by spurring American know-how to increase the fuel economy of new cars, SUVs, and other light trucks. To achieve this goal, Sierra Club has intends to:

· Create demand for decision-makers to implement solutions to global warming;
· Continue defending the implementation of California’s global warming law and educate the public in other states and Canada on the availability of these cleaner cars;
· Advocate for state-level administrative changes that will improve fuel economy;
· Educate Americans about existing technology that would increase the fuel economy of all passenger vehicles without sacrificing safety, size, or comfort;
· Continue pressuring auto manufacturers to increase production of hybrid vehicles to meet consumer demand;
· Directly pressure Ford Motor Company and the other Big Three automakers, Chrysler and General Motors, to put fuel-saving technology in their vehicles and raise the fuel economy of their fleets;
· Build strong and effective coalitions with our allies in the labor and faith communities; and
· Secure opportunities in print, television, and radio media to inform Americans of the benefits of better fuel economy.

Before you say, it's amazing what $12,000 will buy, be aware that Better World is not the only funder of this project. If you are interested in more, contact The Sierra Club Foundation at (202) 675-6692.