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Better World Club Toasts the Naming of 'Carbon Neutral' as the Oxford Word of the Year

The Champagne's Flowing and the Gowns are Fierce; but Don't Forget to Keep it in Neutral

Here at BWC, we’re brushing up on our waltz steps and not just because of the upcoming holiday season: the New Oxford American Dictionary named ‘carbon neutral’ its 2006 Word of the Year.(We were confident that the efforts we've made over the past few years would pay off.)

As we’re reminded in Oxford’s announcement of its selection “being carbon neutral involves calculating your total climate-damaging carbon emissions, reducing them where possible, and then balancing your remaining emissions, often by purchasing a carbon offset: paying to plant new trees or investing in “green” technologies such as solar and wind power.” We understand that impact calculations are a personal matter, but don’t forget that offsets are easily purchased through Better World Club. And we provide them free to members who purchase travel through one of our agents or purchase auto insurance from BWC.

Click here for a more detailed version of Oxford’s announcement. A reminder, however: when planning your holiday events, NOTHING could be more gauche than forgetting to offset your carbon emissions. And remember to save us a dance.