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Wall Street Journal Reports that AAA's Image for Promptness Is Better than Reality

Fails to Report that Better World Club's Image as Greatest Socially Responsible Business in the History of Commerce Might Be a Bit Exaggerated As Well.
Whew...Another Close One!

The Wall Street Journal recently discussed the nationas major auto clubs, here are a few excerpts from the November 19th article: Who to Call When the Car Stalls

"If you simply want to know which provider arrives fastest, nobody seems to conduct independent tests. Most claim average response times of under an hour. As the market leader, AAA is the target of a fair bit of trash-talking on that point from rivals, which accuse it of using its size to bully tow trucks into accepting lower payments. "The tower would rather service anyone else first, and they'll get to the poor AAA member whenever they have a chance," says Mike Wiener of Nation Motor Club, a roadside-assistance provider through insurers and extended warranties.

"Doug McLendon of AAA says that it has a response time similar to its competitors and that 90% of members renew each year...."

"Then there is the Better World Club. It bills itself as an environmentally conscious roadside-services provider -- and for a bit more money will even come to your aid if you have a breakdown on your bicycle."

BTW, AAA's claim that 90% renew is almost certainly not true. Before Better World went into business AAA's renewal rate was below 85% and that was before roadside assistance was given away with new cars to the extent it is now. Better World's renewal rate is approaching 80%. More of our members probably give up their cars each year than AAA's.