Last Year's Pilot: Bicycle Accident/Liability Insurance Ends 7/4/2013
Bicycle Roadside Assistance Celebrates 10 years and Continues Moving Forward

Better World Club has covered Bicycles with Roadside Assistance since 2003. In July of 2012, nearly nine years later, Better World Club began an innovative venture into insuring cyclists with a pilot Accident/Liability insurance program. This program has underwriters like any insurance program. It was provided to our members with Bicycle Roadside Assistance for free. The one year anniversary is coming up and we are sorry to announce that the underwriter does not wish to renew the Accident/Liability Insurance policy. The Accident/Liability Insurance policy is separate from out Bicycle Roadside Assistance program, which remains as it has for more than 10 years.

We know that, along with our Bicycle Roadside Assistance program, having BWC offer further bicycle insurance coverage is desirable to many of our cycling members. Better World Club is in talks with underwriters to maybe offer such policies to suit the needs of our members. For example, we know that many members want us to offer property insurance for bicycles.

Because the existing program is uncertain come July 4, 2013, we can no longer add the free accident/liability insurance benefit to new Bicycle memberships. The Bicycle Roadside Assistance for Bicycle Memberships remains as valuable and reliable as it was when we started.

WE NEED YOU! For our talks with our underwriters, we need more feedback from you! Our representatives have initiated talks regarding bicycle property , accident, and liability insurance. There is no guarantee as to which, if any of these policies will become available. If available, we are working to make them more affordable than you would find elsewhere as we maintain our commitment to business sustainability and personal affordability.

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Thank you,
Mitch Rofsky

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1% Donated to the Environment