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Kicking Asphalt's Verbose Counterpart

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Better World Club Celebrates CO-Sponsoring The Naked Bike Ride With Our First Digital Short.

Posted by: Noah Grunzweig in Top Story, Videos @ May 2, 2014, 2:34 p.m.

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That's right.  We are not above buying your love; Though, we are sure you will enjoy the short!

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Better World Club Encourages Businesses and Individuals in California to Back Senate Bill 916

Posted by: Noah Grunzweig in Driving Change, Positive News, Top Story @ March 12, 2014, 3:05 p.m.

California Senate Bill 916 Looks To Take Some of the Grease Out of American Politics...

OK, so maybe not politics, but out of your streets and waterways!

Better World Club supports CA SB 916


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Top Story: BWC Website

Posted by: Noah Grunzweig in Top Story @ Feb. 4, 2014, 1:26 p.m.

BWC Recycles, Refurbishes, and Revamps our Website: 20% Off New Members Celebration.

Better World Club New Website Discount

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  • "Also, I'm really pleased that I found Better World; it really suits the values of my family and, by the way, my congregation and my grad students. I don't know how many in either group belong to any auto club or travel club, but they surely would be ashamed not to join up with BW if they ever join any. :)"
  • "Thanks again for your prompt and courteous and helpful support."
  • "This claim was the only time so far that we've needed to use our BWC coverage, but it was exactly what we needed in that situation, so we'll definitely keep our memberships active in case we run into issues on future rides!"
  • "You serve your market with intelligence and humor. I didn't feel like I was a family member when I had AAA, but I feel like an important part of a socially-conscious family with you. Keep the newsletters coming."
  • "Thanks very much! I switched to BWC because I believe you share my values and concern for sustainability. The hybrid discount is a great added bonus. It's great to see businesses thrive on a positive progressive message."
  • "My alternator gave out suddenly one night. I was stranded on a frontage road near the freeway, in the dark, in the rain, a couple hundred miles from home late on a weekend night. When I called BWC, your representative asked if I was in a safe place, dispatched a tow truck, and asked if I needed help finding a hotel for the night. Needless to say, I was impressed. It's good to know folks like you have my back!"
  • "Your newsletter is full of stimulating information--not only revealing the truth about companies/regulations that are unfair, unconscious, or downright despicable, but also highlighting positive efforts and developments for a better world. Really appreciate it. And also enjoy your sense of humor."
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