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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Better World Insurance Expanded to Cover 18 New States

Now Taking Quotes in 37 States and the District of Columbia

And to the Remaining States: We Need to Feel the Love. It's Nearly Christmas So Any Expensive Gift Will Do.

Better World is excited to announce that we've expanded our insurance offerings to cover 18 new states. Working with our friends at Gales Creek Insurance, we now offer automobile and home owner's insurance in 37 states and the District of Columbia. A complete list of states is available here, and our quote request form here. Click here to be reminded why you need good insurance.

Better World is an independent insurance agent that works for you. In addition to discounts for air bags, anti-lock brakes, and other safety devices, we also discount our rates for members of the Better World Club in some states (join now!). And we are the only insurance company providing a FREE carbon offset to cover the first 2,000 miles of greenhouse gas emissions generated by your automobile.

If you live in one of the states where we're still not quoting, we're sorry, but we're also constantly at work expanding and upgrading our insurance program. And we could always use your help. Come to think of it, we've always had special places in our hearts for Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, and (whew!) Wyoming. And we'd love to come visit. Email us and let us know where we'll be staying. We'll only need a couple of bedrooms and our own bath. (Or just send us your contact information so that we can notify you once we're able to get you a quote.)

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Should AAA be Given Special Privileges to Offer License and Registration Renewal Services?

Let Us Know Your Opinion

Should the Commonwealth of Massachusetts grant AAA a Halliburton-style sweetheart deal to offer auto license and registration renewal services without any sort of competitive bidding process?

Gov. Deval Patrick says Yes: The Democratic governor has announced a state partnership with AAA to offer license and registration renewal services to AAA members. Currently the six month pilot plan is limited to 2 AAA locations in Newton and Worcester, but AAA is encouraging its 2.3 million Mass members to lobby their representatives to expand the program to its other 25 MA offices.

Labor says No: "We have two basic questions for the Inspector General that the RMV will not answer. First, where does the law allow a political appointee simply to hand public jobs to a private company? Second, show us the evidence that taxpayers benefit from this act," asked David Holway, president of the National Association of Government Employees.

Governor Patrick's fiscal 2010 budget includes language authorizing the Registrar to enter into such contracts "only with an existing entity that provides automobile-related services to the general public, or to its own members if an automobile-related association, and that maintains business offices that are open to the public during hours and at locations believed to be convenient for registry customers and in areas where a continuing need exists to provide registry services."

Citing this language, Holway cautioned against a "deal" intended to steer registry functions to AAA, noting that AAA's board includes a number of politically connected individuals.

Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents President Frank Mancini says No: "This activity is not something the state should be outsourcing to a third party." The concern is that the budget provision is worded in such a way that it could only apply to AAA, and thereby give it an unfair advantage over the roughly 1700 other Massachusetts insurance agents., the website for the MAIA, offers a link to send emails to Beacon Hill leadership voicing opposition to the expansion of the plan. Dan Foley at expects to know a bit more by July 1st when the new budget is due.

The Massachusetts House of Representatives says "No", striking the AAA/RMV provision from the 2010 budget.

However, the MA Senate left the provision in, so now its fate is to be decided in committee, where it could be kept as is, struck entirely, or rewritten as a compromise.

What do you think? Would removing AAA members from registry lines make it easier to register your vehicle?

Or, do you think it's unfair to single out one company to provide these services. No one asked Better World Club if we would like to register drivers. Does this give AAA an unfair advantage when it comes to auto club memberships? Auto insurance sales?

Email us to let us know. We'll report the results.

And Massachusetts readers should let their legislators know. It's easy. Senators Steven Panagiotakos (D-Lowell), Michael Knapik (R-Westfield) and Stephen Brewer (D-Barre) can be reached through House members Charlie Murphy (D-Burlington), Barbara L'Italien (D-Andover) and Vincent Pedone (D-Watertown) can be reached through

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Roadside Assistance is Not Meant to Replace Your Collision Insurance

In the event of an accident, members should check with their auto policy carriers to see who is responsible for the payment of any necessary towing. A member's insurance company (or the other driver's insurance company) may be responsible for the payment of a tow. Due to the nature of an accident, service providers are required to handle clean-up and other labor related services. Many of these services are not covered by your Better World Club roadside policy. Should you call requiring service after an accident, we will refer you to your policy carrier. If your carrier is unable to help you, we will be able to service your vehicle with a price cap of $50/$100, depending on your benefit limit.

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Okay, Are They Gone? Good! Check It Out:

BWC Members from MA are Eligible for a 13% Discount on Auto Insurance!

(Members From Other States Get Insurance Discounts, Too)
Better World Club has long offered an 8% discount on auto insurance premiums to its members living in Massachusetts. Well, we’ve pulled a few strings - we’ve got a cousin who can get us wholesale prices - and are now able to offer a whopping 13% discount!

American Consumer Insurance, our Massachusetts insurance office, not only offers auto policies at a 13% discount, but also boasts top-rated customer service. It’s been voted the best insurance agency in Cambridge three years in a row, and has won first or second place for the last three years straight in the Boston Metro area.

Not only do we offer great service, but Better World Insurance will offset your car's first ton of greenhouse gas emissions free! This offer is good in all the states we service, not just MA.

Recently relaxed insurance regulations in MA make it a great time to shop around for insurance. If you’re a BWC member living in Massachusetts, the best way to get a quote is to call 888-299-2993. For the most accurate quote, you should email ( or fax (617-876-5302) your coverage selections page from your current insurance provider before calling.

Want a multi-policy discount? Grab your homeowners, renters, or condo policy and get a quote for that, too! We have access to 7 different underwriters, so we’re dialed in to all different kinds of rates.

If you're not from Massachusetts and you've read the article this far, we salute you. You're either too stubborn to be told what to do, or you're so bored that you're reading articles about insurance discounts you're not eligible to receive. Either way, we like your style, and you deserve to be rewarded. You may be eligible for one of our other auto insurance discounts. Click here to get a quote and find out.

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