Better World Club offers its Fleet Roadside Assistance to fleets of almost every size, from ten to hundreds or more fleet vehicles. We offer a variety of roadside assistance programs, with discounts available for hybrid vehicles. For more information on what is included in our programs, please visit our Fleet Program page. Below is a list of our featured Fleet partners.

Allies Inc. was incorporated in July 1999 to serve the needs of people with disabilities and their families throughout the country. Their purpose is to provide innovative residential, employment, and advocacy programs for individuals with disabilities based on their choices and needs. Allies goal has always been to provide an array of choices for individuals and their families and to offer creative programs that capitalize on the gifts, talents, and preferences of the individual. This approach offers the genuine road to independence, self-determination, and self-sufficiency. Allies Inc. currently has more than 100 vehicles enrolled in BWC's Fleet Roadside Assistance program.

CityWheels, a car sharing company, offers on-site, self-service access to cars in Cleveland with pricing by the hour or day. They provide a convenient, money-saving alternative to vehicle ownership for business, institutional, and personal use.

Battelle is an international science and technology enterprise that explores emerging areas of science, develops and commercializes technology, and manages laboratories for outside customers. Battelle supports community and education programs to promote an enhanced quality of life in our communities. Located in Ohio, Batelle is one of Better World Club's oldest Fleet Services members.

1% Donated to the Environment
1% Donated to the Environment